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ABCs of Leading In Crisis: Part 1

I'm challenging myself with what leader and team processes can start with a letter of the alphabet. It is a new year. Let's go back to some basics.

Advance. How can we move forward after the corporate storm created by COVID19, and the current uncertainty and unrest, nationally and internationally? How do we embrace new ways of leading and being? According to the Leadership Circle, "Creative leadership in this volatile new world, is key to sustainable success and growth":

·       75% of leaders said adaptability and flexibility were essential to their success.

·       69% of leaders stated that strong communication skills were a strength during these times.

·       50% of leaders said composure allowed for the adjustment to be smooth.

So how can you, as a leader advance in flexibility, communication and keeping your cool?

Build your network and systems: Don't live in a vacuum; foster relationships in and outside of your industry and organization. Your network of contacts can be a source of support and information about what is happening in the world outside your company. The wider view will help you maintain balance and keep you from having a myopic mindset. Make building your network part of your ongoing growth and development systems. Other systems could include identifying mentors, coaches, and peer opportunities, keeping commitments to self-care rituals and maintaining significant relationships.

Be Courageous: We are leading in times where the ability to identify new solutions and the boldness to implement those solutions is highly valued. Don't be afraid to look at a problem from a before-unseen perspective. Your ability to see and risk innovation will give others on your team the motivation to exercise courage in their areas of influence.

Embrace Discomfort: In case you haven't figured it out, discomfort provides opportunity for growth that doesn't come any other way, personally or professionally. Discomfort forces us to confront mindsets, behaviors, and systems that we have outgrown. Just like the pair of shoes that are too small, discomfort forces us into the change of growth or the dull pain of limited movement. Learning to lean into what is uncomfortable in our work systems allows us to get past the fear of change and look at the problem as solvable. The things that no longer work will continue if you ignore them.

What motivational words can you identify? Let's grow together.


Michele Aikens is lead coach of Clear Sight Coaching & Consulting, Inc. You can contact her here:



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