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The ABCs of Leading In Crisis: Part 2

Let's keep talking about ways leaders can impact their organizations and teams even in crisis mode.

Energize: The energy you bring as a leader impacts your organization. Displaying a growth mindset along with attributes of respect, enthusiasm, resilience, and positivity creates openings for employees of your organization to embrace the same. The energy of possibilities is contagious as we learn new ways of looking at challenges and opportunities.

"Embracing a growth mindset”, as renowned psychologist Carol Dweck advocates, “not only cultivates individuals' belief in their ability to develop and improve but also infuses an organization with a vibrant energy, propelling it towards innovation, resilience, and continuous progress."

Forgive: We hear a lot today about 'giving grace.' Giving grace starts with knowing people will get overwhelmed, overlook things, and make decisions they later regret. Work to collectively solve the problem while giving grace to the people trying to figure out life in these times. Don't forget, you are 'people' too. As we practice giving the best of ourselves to each day, we allow for both the pursuit of excellence and provision for grace when goals seem to fall short.

Demonstrate Gravitas. I found an interesting quote: "In an increasingly informal age, where social media, text-speak and one-line emails have become the norm, it is ironic that ‘gravitas’, a quality traditionally associated with formality, is becoming increasingly important." Demonstrating respect for the work of your team members, even when you don't regularly interact with them will set a tone of importance, value and trust that could positively re-shape your organization's culture. Consider how maximizing the importance of each team member might impact how they view their contributions to your organization.

Honor the process. One thing we can all freely admit is that we are figuring out new ways of being, serving and building. As we learn and implement new pathways, there will be skinned knees and celebrations; both are part of the journey of an impactful leader, a cohesive team, and the brilliant work they are preparing to do.

I'm Michele Aikens CEO & Lead Coach of Clear Sight Coaching & Consulting, Inc. I would welcome the chance to talk about how your team can be even more impactful. Feel free to email me here.





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